Humanity Chopped

The dehumanisation of human beings is a disturbing phenomenon that has been happening throughout history. One of the most egregious examples of this is the act of killing and chopping others.

When we hear about such brutal acts of violence, our first reaction is often one of shock and disbelief. How could someone do something so inhumane?! However, as we delve deep into the psychology of violence, we begin to understand how dehumanization plays a critical role in these atrocities.

Spontaneous and organized murders are two very different forms of violence, yet both leave a trail of devastation and pain. Spontaneous murder refers to the act of killing another person without any premeditation or planning.

This type of murder usually occurs as a result of sudden impulses, intense emotions or a fit of rage. Reckless murders are often committed in the heat of the moment, and the perpetrator may not fully comprehend the consequences of his/her actions.

In many cases, alcohol or drug use has been a contributing factor. In these cases, the perpetrator may not have planned the murder and may even regret it immediately after.

In contrast, organized murder is premeditated and calculated, often carried out by individuals or groups with a specific motive, such as revenge, financial gain etc. It is a cold and calculated act that can be committed with a terrifying level of precision and efficiency.

Both forms of murder, whether spontaneous or organized, shatter lives, families and communities, leaving behind a blemish of fear and trauma that lasts long. The very idea of organised murder is a scary thought that sends shivers down the spine.

To take someone’s life is one level of meanness, but to chop the body into several pieces is an utterly dehumanizing act beyond comprehension. It is the climax of wickedness, the most heinous crime that a human being can commit.

That someone can be so pitiless and brutal towards another human being is just unfathomable! It strips the victim of their humanity, reducing them to nothing more than a pile of flesh and bones; a collection of parts; an object to be discarded.

The very act of chopping a body into several pieces is a despicable act. It’s a crime that’s unimaginable, yet it happens all too often. People are kidnapped, tortured and brutally murdered; their bodies mutilated and left for the world to search and see.

It’s a chilling proof of the worst of humanity; a return to barbaric times; dire monstrosity. It’s a warning sign that we are all vulnerable, that our humanity is fragile and easily shattered.

The act of organized murder is an indication of the depravity that exists within the human psyche. It is a reminder that despite all our technological advancements and so-called societal progress, we are still capable of such nastiness.

It’s the ultimate expression of rage, an act of violence that defies all explanation. When we think of dehumanization, we often picture extreme examples of torture and violence like the Holocaust or the Rwandan Genocide.

But the reality is that today dehumanization is much more insidious. It can happen in small ways, every day, through the disposition we carry, the language we use, the attitudes we hold towards other and all the crooked dealings we dabble in.

Of course, the perpetrators of these crimes can’t be called human; they are masked monsters, peevish perverts driven by some weird twisted desire for power, control, and God knows what! When the monster in them takes over, the human in them fades away obviously.

They see their victims as nothing more than “objects”—things to be used and disposed of at will. They have no empathy, no compassion and no conscience.

The baffling part remains—how does one organize such a crime? How can anyone commit such an unspeakable act of violence against others? The ailment lies in the process of rapid dehumanization.

When people lose sight of right and wrong, and breathe in an increasingly godless atmosphere bursting with materialism, corruption, drug addiction, unemployment and community apathy, such a catastrophe is but natural.

All these visible and invisible factors eliminate values and concepts that promote moral thought and reasoning, further reinforcing the dehumanization of the populace.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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