FRIDAY FOCUS|Messengers: Carriers of Divine Wisdom

FRIDAY FOCUS|Messengers: Carriers of Divine Wisdom

…unto every community a Messenger

Messengers are meant to be carriers of Divine Wisdom, and aMessenger is destined to pass through every community:

''We sent you with the truth; a bearer of good news, and aWarner.  There is no community but aWarner has passed through it'' (35: 24)

In the Ayah Kareem, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is told by Allah(SwT) that We have sent you with the truth. The truth as contained in HolyQuran is meant to be a harbinger of good news. It is emphasized in the DivineWord that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is meant to be a Warner, as was true of theWarners' before him. In fact there is no community, which did not have a Warnerin the epochs preceding the advent of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the lastMessenger,   hence the Ultimate Warner.Messengers being Warners' is emphasized in the Ayah Kareem preceding the onequoted above:

''You are only a Warner''  (35: 23)

The disbelief in spite of warning was a phenomenon seen inearlier epochs, even as the Messengers came with clear proofs:

''If they disbelieve you, those before them alsodisbelieved. Their Messengers came to them with clear proofs, with the Psalms,and with the Enlightened Scripture'' (35: 25)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is being told that there never was acommunity which did not belie their Messengers. The rejection of truth whichwas enshrined in the Psalms and in the Enlightened Scriptures by communitieshas been an age old feature. However, the disbelievers did not escape theconsequences.   It falls in the DivineRealm how to account for the disregard:

''Then I seized those who disbelieved, so how was myrejection''   (35: 26)

As the communities ignored everything—the warnings, thescriptures, retribution, 'Law of Mukafat' came into play. And history ofmankind is a witness, as to how the 'Divine Seizure' played out with thecommunities, with the nations unwilling to heed the call.


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