Woman travelling sans Mehram

The head of the committee that framed a new Hajj policy has said the government should allow women below 45 years of age to go on Hajj without a “Mehram”.

Afzal Amanullah said it had suggested to the government that the age limit on women travelling without “Mehram” — a term for a close male relative a woman cannot marry, such as her father, brother or son — be removed.

“If a male major can go alone for Haj, why not a woman,” Amanullah said in an interview to PTI  Bhasha.

The Centre has for the first time decided to allow women pilgrims over the age of 45 to undertake the pilgrimage in groups of at least four sans ‘Mehram’. Till now, women pilgrims would be required to be accompanied by their husbands or ‘Mehrams’ during the annual pilgrimage. PTI

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