Christian man killed in clashes between two communities over playing loud music in Pakistan

Lahore: A Christian man was killed and another injured in clashes between the two communities over an issue of playing loud music in Pakistan’s Punjab province, which has witnessed two deaths related to mob lynching in the past two months.

The clashes broke out between Muslims and Christians in Lahore’s Factory Area, Walton following Parvez Masih, 25, asking his neighbor Sohni Malik not to play loud music, a senior police officer told PTI on Tuesday.


“On Sunday evening, the Malik group thrashed and injured Parvez’s relative Sobal Masih over the issue that caused tension between the two groups in the area,” the officer said.

“On Monday, Malik along with some people attacked Parvez Masih with bricks and clubs, killing him on the spot,” he said, quoting the FIR. He said both Masih and Malik had exchanged harsh words at a snooker club a day before the incident.

The clash between the two communities continued for a while before police reached the spot and controlled the situation.

Both sides threw bricks at each other causing minor injuries to some people, the officer said, adding the (Muslim) suspects had also opened fire in the air.

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