Crucial talks continue as 6-day truce between Israel, Hamas nears conclusion

New Delhi, Nov 29: On the final day of a delicate six-day truce between Israel and Hamas, discussions persist in Qatar regarding the possibility of extending the temporary ceasefire further. Intelligence chiefs and officials from both sides are weighing a potential new deal, considering the complexities of the situation.

Israel expresses optimism about the prospects of reaching another extension, and signals from Hamas indicate a willingness to explore the option. The current ceasefire, already extended by two days, hangs in the balance as negotiators deliberate over the terms for a further prolongation.


On Tuesday, Hamas released an additional 12 hostages, while Israel freed 30 Palestinian prisoners, marking a significant step in the ongoing negotiations.
To date, a total of 81 hostages, taken by Hamas on October 7, have been released. Last night, 12 more hostages, including 10 Israeli citizens and two Thai nationals, were liberated, bringing the total released

to 81 individuals. However, over 160 people remain in captivity, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Simultaneously, Israel has received a list of hostages held in Gaza who could potentially be released later today.

The initial ceasefire deal stipulated an extension for every 10 hostages released by either side. Whether these terms will persist in any potential future agreement remains uncertain, adding a layer of
complexity to the ongoing talks. As part of the truce deal, Israel has thus far released 180 Palestinian detainees, with 30 released just last night. The agreement dictates that for every Israeli citizen set

free, three Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails are to be released.

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