Dubai restaurant serves world’s ‘most expensive’ biryani garnished with 23 carat gold leaves

As if over the cloud sky scrappers, luxury lifestyle, tiger cubs as pets and gold plated Ferraris were not enough, Dubai is now home to the world’s ‘most expensive biryani’.

With a price tag of 1000 Dirhams (19,694 INR), the royal gold biryani is Dubai’s most expensive biryani, served at ‘Bombay Borough’, reported The Indian Express on Wednesday.


This extraordinary biryani may have some added flavours or other ingredients but what makes it unique is the 23 carat edible gold. Well, What?

No, we are not joking, the picture of this 20K ‘Gold Biryani’ has been making rounds on the Internet.

Served on a gold plate, this biryani comes in three different ‘variants’ — Biryani rice, Keema rice and White & Saffron rice.

Including a variety of sauces, curries and delicious raitas, the ‘gold plated biryani’ comprises potatoes, boiled eggs, mint, roasted cashew, pomegranate and fried onions.

With grilled meat on its topping, the biryani is not garnished with coriander leaves but it’s decorated by an edible gold leaf.

While, restaurant Bombay Borough’s post on their official Instagram handle invited several reactions online, many people didn’t consider it a ‘real biryani’

“resembles the kashmiri traami so muich,” wrote a user.

Take a look at some reactions:

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