Renewed Israeli bombardment  in Gaza sparks tensions

New Delhi, Dec 2: Ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza entered their second day, reigniting hostilities after a seven-day truce lapsed.

Reports indicate heavy smoke over the Strip as both Israel and Hamas point fingers at each other for the failure to extend the ceasefire. The


Hamas-run health ministry reports over 178 casualties since the resumption of bombing, while the Israeli military claims to have targeted 400 sites across the Strip.

Israel issued leaflets urging residents in southern Gaza to relocate to Rafah near the Egypt border. Sirens sounded in parts of Israel, with intercepted rockets fired from Gaza. Maps directed Palestinians in areas like Bani Suhaila to seek shelter in Rafah, one of the bombed regions since the ceasefire’s expiration.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) stated that air, naval, and ground forces targeted various areas, including an extensive attack in Khan Younis. Following Israel’s evacuation orders for northern Gaza, hundreds of thousands sought refuge in Khan Younis, but they now face displacement again after the truce ended.

In a separate development, the UN reports Israel’s refusal to renew the visa for Lynn Hastings, the top humanitarian aid official for Gaza and the West Bank. The UN accuses Israel of letting Hastings’ paperwork expire, citing previous accusations of bias, which the UN denies. Hastings has held key positions in the Middle East peace process and UN humanitarian coordination for almost three years.

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) notes that no aid has reached Gaza since the ceasefire concluded. Since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, which claimed 1,200 lives and took around 240 hostages, Gaza’s health ministry reports over 14,800 deaths in Israel’s retaliatory campaign.

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