Transformer in playground poses threat to students

An electric transformer installed adjacent to the playground of Government Middle School, Piyakul, block Drabshalla of Kishtwar, poses constant threat to the students and the locals urged the administration to look into the issue before an untoward incident takes place.

Tazeen Hussain, a resident of Piyakul, alleged, “It isnegligent on part of the Power Development department to have installed atransformer inside the playground of Government Middle School, Piyakul. Thekids play in the ground and an untoward incident is very likely to take place.”


Another resident, Shafqat Shaheen, alleged, “The transformerhad been installed by the Power Development department along the schoolboundary. Not only is it dangerous for the students, but it is a majornegligence on the part of department and school authorities. Therefore, it mustbe removed or shifted to another place as soon as possible.”

The locals also claimed that the school faces acute shortageof accommodation.

On being contacted, Zonal Education Officer (ZEO)Drabshalla, Des Raj Parihar, said, “We have asked the concerned authorities toremove the electric transformer from school premises as soon as possible.”

On asking about the accommodation crisis, he said that thereare three rooms available in the school out of which two are being used asclassrooms while the third one is being used as the office.

The locals appealed to the Director of School EducationJammu, Anuradha Gupta, to intervene in the issue and redress their grievance.

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