Lack of proper street lighting

Several areas in Srinagar have been facing lack of proper street lighting.

Either the street lights are not installed or the lights have become non-functional after some time in these areas. The number of defective lamps is increasing day by day.


Now in view of power shortage and subsequent power curtailment schedule, the problem has extended to more areas, where the lights are functional but no power supply available due to curtailment in the evening. The areas are plunged into darkness. Movement of pedestrians becomes difficult amid the pitch darkness in the evening hours.

The presence of huge population of stray dogs adds to the woes of the residents. Taking advantage of the darkness the packs of dogs attack those moving out in these areas. A number of such incidents have occurred. There is a need to provide uninterrupted power supply to street lamps in the evening and during night.

Steps must be taken in this direction. A plan must be devised and later executed on ground. Safety of the pedestrians in the evening must be a priority.

Some time back solar lights were installed in some areas. But their number is very small. More such lights must be made available in residential areas. Such lights can be useful even during power shortage. There is also a need to repair or replace all the defective street lamps.

Reports say that the lights have turned non- functional in a number of areas. According to the residents the matter was brought into the notice of concerned officials a number of times, but the lights were neither repaired nor replaced. The concerned authorities must seriously look into the matter and take steps in this direction.

The residents have every right to have such facilities. They must not suffer. Since developmental works are being done under Srinagar Smart City Project, attention must be also paid towards improvement in street lights system.

The streets in the city must not plunge into darkness during evening hours. In several areas due to the development work, the roads and roadsides are being dug.

In absence of street lights, there can be mishaps in the evening. The pedestrians can fall into the dug roads or roadsides. Proper street lighting must be a permanent feature of development in the city and other areas also.

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