Fate of Triple Talaq Bill continues to remain uncertain

Fate of Triple Talaq Bill continues to remain uncertain with the central government and opposition not coming to the common ground to whether or or not the legislation could be referred to a select committee of the House, said a report.

Acccording to the TOI report, while the government had listed the bill at the second place, after a GST amendment bill, the opposition insisted that the triple talaq bill deadlock be resolved first through voting.

The report stated that leader of the House Arun Jaitley continued to argue that motions moved by the opposition for sending it to a select committee were invalid. With the opposition not agreeing to discuss any other bill before the issue was sorted, the House had to be adjourned for the day. Jaitley said, according to the report, a parliamentary panel has to represent the character of the House and be a “microcosm of the House”.

He, according to the report, said those who opposed a bill substantially or in principle as was the case with parties seeking removal of the clause criminalising instant divorce, should not be represented on the panel. 

There is only one day remaining for the winter session and the two sides remain at loggerheads. 

Though stalemate continued in the Rajya Sabha over the talaq bill, BJP members feel they had succeeded in their bid to “expose” Congress’s insensitivity towards rights and welfare of Muslim women as they had done 32 years back in the Shah Bano case, mentioned the report.

“The vote bank politics has overtaken Congress but vote-bank has its limitations. Congress had suffered after Shah Bano case as they have been losing election after election. But they have not become wiser.. I only hope they will,” said law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, according to the report.

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