Confrontation has only yielded bloodshed, reconciliation only way ahead: Mehbooba

Pitching strongly for reconciliation and dialogue, PDP President and former Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti today said confrontation in the State has only led to more body bags and bloodshed. 

She said her party’s consistent stand since its foundation has been dialogue and peaceful engagement to get Jammu & Kashmir out of the crisis.


Mehbooba Mufti said this while addressing the Parliamentary party meeting of her Party here today which was called to discuss the latest political situation in the State in the wake of continued killings and bloodshed.

MPs, MLAs, MLCs and senior Party functionaries were present in the meeting.

“Be it a civilian, jawan of Police or security forces or for that matter a militant, our society is losing young boys to a situation which has no end except dialogue and peaceful engagement,” she said in her address. Confrontational attitude, certainly, has not helped but it has only spilt more blood on the streets and meadows of the State, rendering more children orphaned and more women widowed, she added.

Terming the present situation as grim, Mehbooba Mufti said people here are caught up in the web of multi directional violence taking a heavy toll of their daily life including economy, education and other activities. She appealed for immediate resumption of dialogue within the State, region and between the two neighbouring countries to bring down the tempers which can lead to a peaceful settlement of issues. Time has come, she said, when this confrontational approach is replaced by a process of peaceful engagement by the parties concerned to give the people of the State and the country a reprieve by ending the cycle of killings and bloodshed. 

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