‘Trees in shrines need proper documentation’

To mark autumnal beauty of Kashmir heritage trees linked to history, culture and people’s faith of reverence and interconnectedness, 654th Tree Talk was hosted here on Saturday, organisers said in a statement. 

They said the tree talk was organised in honour of great Indian Botanist Dr S Natesh who is presently working on innovative book on Iconic Trees of India with focus on trees, tree groves associated with history, culture and religion.


Dr S Naresh while interacting with nature lovers in the botanical garden University of Kashmir shared that Chinar tree at Chhatergam Budgam is majestic oldest trees of 627 years old ,Chinar Grove at Nasimbagh Hazratbal Kashmir is quite old plantation created by Mughal King Akbar. Elm trees, Devadar trees and Juniper trees associated with shrines need proper documentation and compiled in the form of Heritage Tree Register. 

Nasaer Kitchloo, known Wildlife expert shared inputs on tree diversity and richness of wildlife, trees and animals nurture one another and interdependence is reflected in habitat ecology which determines quality of environment and human health.

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