Director General of Police sanctions welfare loan

Photo: Jammu and Kashmir Police Department

Jammu, Dec 6: Continuing with its endeavor to provide financial assistance to the police personnel, the Director General of Police, R.R. Swain has sanctioned over rupees 1.65 crore welfare loan, relief in favour of 110 serving police personnel.

This was done vide PHQ, J&K Order No. 3418 of 2023. Under this order, welfare loan of Rs 88 lakh has been sanctioned in favour of 47 police personnel to meet the expenses of self-treatment or treatment of their dependents. The amount sanctioned for the medical treatment ranges from rupees one lakh to rupees five lakhs.


Besides, welfare relief of rupees 8.5 lakh has also been sanctioned in favour of 22 police personnel. Welfare loan ranging from rupees one lakh to rupees two lakh each has been sanctioned in favour of 46 personnel for the purpose of their own marriage, or marriage of their wards.

Similarly, welfare loan of rupees 11.5 lakhs has been sanctioned in favour of 8 police personnel for meeting the expenditure on higher education of their wards.

The welfare loan sanctioned to the police personnel is refundable and is recovered in monthly installments from their salaries without any interest; however welfare relief sanctioned is non-refundable. The welfare loan/relief has been sanctioned out of the Central Police Welfare Fund.

Police headquarters under different welfare schemes is providing financial assistance to all the ranks serving/retired of Jammu and Kashmir Police and to serving SPOs.

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