Black Magic

I believe something is wrong in his diagnosis. Or else lab reports have errors”, she said to her brother who had come to see his brother-in-law, who was ill for several months.

“Why don’t you consult some other doctor for a second opinion …” Before her brother could complete, she interrupted and said, “We left no stone unturned, all doctors are of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with him”. Taking a deep sigh and a disquieting pause, she went towards the kitchen to prepare tea for her brother.

Months passed, and his health did not improve much. Winters approached. His wife thought of changing the flooring of his room. While doing so, she found a folded piece of paper tied with a thin string under the sofa. She opened the string that looked like thick hair and unfolded the piece of paper.

She was surprised to see erratically drawn lines and several shapes made on it. Surprise didn’t stop here. On the last fold of the paper, she saw something scribbled haphazardly. While glancing at the writing keenly, she couldn’t observe anything except a few lines and Arabic characters.

After this disclosure, she became quite suspicious and as such, started cleaning up her whole house. She was shocked to find a piece of bone (human vertebra) in the traditional copper water tank (Maet) in their bathroom. After removing these strange things, she felt that her husband was gradually improving.

Whether these things had really affected the health of her husband or it just happened that his health condition improved on its own, one thing however was for sure that someone was being wicked by doing black magic (sihr) on them. The worst type of inhuman act performed by a human!

Of course, black magic is an undeniable fact. But it does not mean that the problems we face emanate simply because of magic though such kinds of practices like using bones, hairs, amulets blah blah for harming others have existed since long. There is hadith recorded in Sahih Bukhari wherein it is mentioned that magic was worked on the Prophet (SAW) by the magician from Bani Zuraiq, an ally of the Jews.

In the Quran, the word ‘magic’ is mentioned 60 times and the verse 102 of Surah Al-Baqarah explains it thoroughly. It is a highly condemnable and forbidden act and amounts to equating the powers of Almighty with Satan (Shaytaan).

The irony is that the sorcerers today are even categorized as ‘muslim’ and ‘non-muslim’ magicians, forgetting that magic has no religion. It demeans every sane aspect of any divine message.

Seeking protection from harm and afflictions by using any kind of amulet/thread/iron bangle/other objects or using objects to harm others amounts to nothing but polytheism. Relying on any object and believing that it would protect a person is a major form of Shirk. For Allah Himself says that He is enough for us as the disposer of all affairs.

Perhaps, trust deficit in the might of Providence prompts one to turn to other objects and persons who can’t breathe a single breath without His will.

Allah does not require any intercession or compensation for disposing of the affairs of His creation. He Himself says, “Call on me (alone), and I will answer you”. Monotheism demands absolute trust in Allah and relying on Him alone as the Supreme Protector. Being fallible as humans, we have Him alone as the reliable Listener.

That’s why, belief is a feeling that transcends the tangible attainment of takings and shortfalls. It works on the strength of the soul and the trials of times. Those who resort to magic are too fickle-minded to understand and imbibe the substance of real belief.

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