Some Pearls of Wisdom

Mother tongue is our identity and the proverbs in mother tongue offer  timeless insight into the human nature. In today’s write up we will be learning about some Kashmiri pearls of wisdom.

Akh Niov yaman ti byakh braman :  One was taken by death and other by delusion.

Aethan varyan pechh koel ti shethan varyan pok sreh: (River flowed for eight years but dampness lasted for 60 years). It means good or bad deeds leave traces. They are not forgotten easily. Deeds outlive.

Goet nai aasi, Gash kith basi: Light cannot be realised without darkness; same way value of happiness cannot be realised without knowing sorrows.

Hioer nai pilaey, zangai zilaey: If I cannot fight you openly, I can harm you stealthily). It reflects those people who do every possible thing  to harm others with whom  they cannot compete.

Aek choev mas ti baek choev haak ras ( one had a goblet of fine drink, another a cup of  soup). It reflects blind imitation.

Zanan hiund pochh gar gar gochh. Mard sond pochh legtoes kriochh. Guests from wife’s side are always welcome, while those from husbands’ side are unappreciated.

Kaih mat ditam kan tal nitam.  Don’t give me anything, but lend me your ear.  It shows empathetic listening is more important than offering help.

Chhav yith batte ti daav yith kathe (Rice tastes good when cooked well, while talk is good when opportunity is ripe. )

Panun pouzaar bab sund dussu.  My shoes, my father’s shawl.

It means that a person values his personal earnings more than those of parents or others.  It is derived from a story where a son cleans the shoes bought with his first earning by his father’s expensive shawl.

Akhoon Soob Begravan Shuren Hinz Chhocchi: Mullah is distributing bread loaves of his students): It refers to a person who takes credit of the efforts of others or a person who acts generously at the cost of others.

v   Kur Kur Karan Panne Gare, Thul Travan Lukund Gare: Crocking at own home while laying eggs at others’ home. It reflects a person who is bitter to family but sweet to the world ; or a person who is  helpful to strangers and cold to family.

Mioth Gaamas ti krioth Panas: Doing good to others at one’s own cost.

Nev kath chha navan dohan: Any new issue is discussed only for nine day. It means the value of news is lost soon. if a crime happens everyone discusses it for some days, after that no one remembers it. No issue remains the talk of the town for ever.

Gareebas gobur zaav anun keti: Son born to a poor person; how come! It means that prosperity of poor is questioned by all. This is evident in our society if a poor family buys a car everyone gets suspicious.

Akh go jan yar byakh  go naan yaar: There are two types of friends one is a friend for life and other who will be there in good times only, a fair weather friend.

Yem hiot su hoet: Being conscious is being vulnerable. A sensitive person often harms himself by thinking too much about what happens beyond him.

I highly acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of authors and different page admins working perseveringly towards preserving and transmitting the legacy of our mother tongue  especially Mr Omkar N Koul whose book “Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs” is a must read for every Kashmiri.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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