GPS Aishmuqam earns admiration for innovative teaching

Srinagar, Dec 3: The Government Primary School Lone Mohalla in Aishmuqam zone of Anantnag district has earned admiration for the unique teaching methods adopted by the school teachers.

Two Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) teachers at the school are receiving widespread praise for their efforts in grooming students, despite facing challenges of poor infrastructural gaps and limited resources.


A recent viral video on social media showcases primary class students of the school engaging in a distinctive exercise designed to enhance public speaking and improve communication skills. The school’s initiatives align with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, emphasising a holistic approach to education.

In one captivating performance on the annual day of the schools, the students presented a drama highlighting the sacrifices and hardships faced by parents in ensuring their children receive quality education.

The acts depicted parental struggles, emphasising the unwavering commitment to securing a better future for their kids.

Another performance addressed health concerns during winters, with students acting as educators on issues like dry skin and chest congestion. The students while performing in front of their parents and locals as experts provided practical advice urging parents to prioritise their children’s well-being by providing warm clothing and avoiding fire hazards.

The teachers posted at the school have introduced a unique concept of educational picnics enriching students’ knowledge about historical places like Dachigam National Park, Dal Lake, Char Chinar, Verinag, Kokernag and other nearby spots. These outings not only provide enjoyment but also encourage students to speak confidently in public.

“We have introduced a new concept of picnics where our students do not only eat and enjoy but they speak in front of the public. We prepare the students with full knowledge about these historical places,” the school teacher said.

Despite challenges such as insufficient teachers and limited infrastructure, the efforts of the two ReT teachers have significantly transformed the school. Enrollment has surged from 20 to 86 students with every parent in the village opting for this institution over private schools.

“Every parent of this village has admitted his or her ward in this school. Rarely anyone is sending a kid to a private school from this area. Our collective efforts and hard work has changed the impression and reputation of the school,” the school teacher said.

The students actively participate in various events, including Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Back 2 Village programs, and the Annual Day. Their innovative programmes have garnered high praise from the civil society, reflecting the hard work and dedication of the teachers posted at Government Primary School Lone Mohalla.

“Our students have presented innovative programmes which are being highly applauded by the civil society. It is not so easy for primary school kids to speak in public,” the teacher said.

During the past few years, the education department released official figures indicating a shift of students from private to government schools in many villages, a change largely attributed to the SSA and ReT teaching community.

In addition to boosting enrollment, SSA and ReT teachers have taken the lead in various departmental initiatives. During the pandemic, these teachers conducted community classes and developed online study materials, which were accessed by countless students.

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